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At the best of times spiritual concepts can be difficult to comprehend, but it becomes nearly impossible when the receiving language doesn't have vocabulary consistent with the original language.  Things are easily lost in translation when going from one language, culture and religion to another.  The Aramaic English New Testament contains the very words Yeshua (Jesus) spoke, it shows how his followers originally understood what he taught, often in deep contrast with Greek and English based NT versions.

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This rare Bible comes from a 165 CE Aramaic Codex, the oldest New Testament discovered thus far.  It offers much more enlightenment about the teachings if Y'shua (Jesus) than most religious people really want to deal with... that's the truth.


The Aramaic English New Testament DVD Vol. 1 (shown on right) is designed for Rabbis, Pastors, Priests and spiritual leaders to learn the greatest story of Mashiyach (Messiah) that their "up-line" never told.  Let's face it, religion is big business.  Bible Societies and publishing houses bring in billions of dollars by catering to religion.  According to newspaper articles from 1954 it was the Bible Society that covered up the "little secret" of the most ancient Aramaic NT text.


"Netzari" is derived from Isaiah 11:1, a little "sprout" (netzer) grew out of the trunk of Jesse.  The Netzer refers to Mashiyach (Messiah), specifically to his lineage but also to the rebirth of the Kingdom of Elohim (God) within His people.  The original followers of Yeshua were called Netzarim (translated as Nazarenes) but in fact it was not because they only followed Y'shua of Nazareth but they understood the prophecy of the Netzarim according to the promised Messiah.


Original Aramaic

New Testament...

"Too Jewish"

for many Christians

and "too Christian"

for many Jews.



The Wheel of Stars was an essential component of the ancient Biblical calendar that uses the sun, moon and stars to determine time.  The ancient knowledge base that contains all three of these elements reveal the signs, seasons, days and years of the calendar that has been lost for nearly 2,000 years until now!  With the help of computers, science and modern technology, deeply embedded codes within the calendar have been discovered to show profound elements of our past, present and future.


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