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Wheel of Stars




Yeshua of History DVD Vol. 2


Wheel of Stars


The Bible is the world’s best selling book of all time, and yet, some of the greatest mysteries have remained un-deciphered… until now!


This is not speculation—the Wheel of Stars is real—the mathematics within this publication have been verified with scientific precision. 



Roth will show you, in graphic detail, how this “lost” information has been in the Word of YHWH all along, passed down from Enoch to Moses to David, to Ezra and up to the time of Messiah. 


Scripture tells us that hidden knowledge would be revealed, our computer age has confirmed something magnificent.  If you thought “Torah Codes Research” was amazing, you haven’t seen anything yet!


Join Roth on an adventure that deciphers clues scattered across the world and forgotten for millennia, only to re-emerge with one of the greatest life-affirming messages Scripture can give us about ourselves, our role in the Cosmos and the ultimate fulfillment of all our hopes! 


This is something that no work of fiction could match because this is real, it is true, what has happened in history is happening now!  Wheel of Stars will show you elements of the precise multi-platform basis on which Biblical time; past, present and future is calculated.


Open your eyes - Look up - See your future.


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October 7, 2010

ISBN/EAN13:  1-934916-09-9 / 978-1-934916-09-4
Page Count:  344
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Language: English
Color:  Black and White
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